Colorado State Chess Association

Tournament information not yet posted. Please check back soon!

2nd Annual Girls Scholastic Championship Registration (2020)


Each parent/guardian is responsible for their dependent’s (participant’s) safety and behavior.

As a condition of entry, you agree that Colorado State Chess Association, its organizers and managers, are not responsible for you or your dependent’s safety, the actions of other attendees, or conditions at the tournament site. By entering, you are waiving any and all claims you might have in the future against Colorado State Chess Association., its organizers and managers, for damages or injury of any kind arising out of this tournament, even if it may be due to negligence or carelessness of the organizers.

You also agree to pay any property damages to the tournament site caused by yourself or your dependents.

You further agree to hold Colorado State Chess Association., its organizers and managers harmless, and indemnify them generally and specifically, from all such liability.

There are two separate organizations involved you must know about before entering

United States Chess Federation and the Colorado State Chess Association

  • Your child must be a United States Chess Federation current member through April 2019 BEFORE you sign up for the tournament. Check your child’s membership status at and register or renew their membership so they are current members through April 2019 before registering for the tournament.
  • $25 – Includes one-time Colorado State Chess Association tournament fee, All entries must be received by Saturday, April 20. No entries will be allowed at the door.
  • There are two tournament prices on the PayPal form, one is $3 less for Colorado State Chess Association members. Most of the kids playing in the tournament are not CSCA members and should NOT take the $3 discount. If you think they may be a current CSCA member (which you would have paid for at a previous time – separate from a USCF membership), go to and type in their name to verify they are current CSCA members before taking the $3 discounted price. If their CSCA membership is not current through April 2019, you should pay the full price amount.
  • Make sure you select the correct division. Kids should play in their current grade division to qualify for a trophy. Note there is a pull-down menu and K-3 Rated is at the top of the menu and the one currently listed when you go to the page. Select the proper division from the pull-down menu.
  • Also enter your child’s current grade and complete school name (not the acronym for the school as we do not know what the school acronyms stand for).
  • Also enter your name, phone number you will have with you at the tournament, and email address so we can contact you, if necessary.