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4th CSCA Board Meeting

4th CSCA Board Meeting                                                                                                       May 4, 2020

Board Members: Paul, Brad, Ann, Dean, Lior; Absent: Gracie & Griffin (these were excused absences).
Members in attendance: Shirley

Meeting called to order: After informal discussion, the following decisions and motions were made.

Reopening Colorado Chess:

  • Class 2020: Canceled
  • Colorado Online Championship 2020- a fundraiser for COVID-19 through The Salvation Army food bank. Additional information on website.
  • Southern Colorado Open, July 25-26, 5 round Swiss, Dean and Paul are putting this on in Colorado Springs to restart OTB chess—Governor allowing…  Details on website.
  • Colorado Open 2020, Festival to celebrate Colorado Chess September 4, 5, &6. Hall of Fame induction, Fischer 960, CO-2020 5SS, Membership meeting. Details on website.

AAUW (American Association of University Women) grant: Ann wrote a grant request and Kevin polished the words in the request: result—CSCA will be receiving a grant for Chess training for girls in Title 1 schools. Stipulations on how to operate the program, funds for chess equipment and pay for lady instructors. (Grant amount $ 5,700.00.

  • Ordered 200 chess sets for this program to supplement previous chess sets ordered. The Templeton Fund (Ann’s charity), Scholastic, and general fund ordered 80 chess sets. Some are to replace/supplement the worn scholastic sets, most were for Title 1 program Ann started and use in another tuition free program that is ongoing.
  • The 80 sets were ordered from US Chess on reduced price when the US Chess National Elementary tournament was canceled. Cost: $ 460.00 (40 for scholastic, 20 for title 1, and 20 for CSCA reserves. All were $5.75 each).
  • The 200 sets were ordered from US Chess on reduced price when the US Chess National Junior High School tournament was canceled. Cost: $ 1,175.81 (included sets & boards at $ 5.25 each & shipping $ 125.81). These sets support the AAUW grant.

FIDE World Championship for Disabled Scholastic players: Coming to Denver July 2021. This is a major event which will feature chess teams from all over the world. CSCA is working with Chess Educators of America who will host this event. Kevin McConnell worked diligently to bring this event to Denver. CSCA will be asking Colorado chess players to volunteer time and effort to support this special event.

Treasurer’s report: Before the expenditures mentioned above, CSCA’s accounts were:

  • Main:                $ 14,474.96
  • Scholastic:       $ 20, 013.99
  • Scholarship:    $ 838.19 (this account includes funds designated for special overseas invitational events for scholastic players ($ 478.19), facebook donations, and other ear marked funds (George Mikhailavich’s Memorial event for his Grandfather- $360)).

Special thanks to Lior for setting up this Zoom meeting, Ann for her dedicated work on the AAUW grant and board members for participation, ideas, and support!

Meeting adjourned.

Update on National Invitational Events

Update on National Invitational Events (All Girls, Ele, JH, HS, & Senior). Discussion at US Chess to conduct these events over the weekend of August 8 and 9 using online chess.

More as it develops.

Board Meeting 7:00 PM Monday May 4th

We are planning a Board meeting for Monday night. It will be on Zoom. I am post the link here and one the website.

We need to decide

1. When and how to reopen Colorado Chess,

2. the AAUW grant acceptance and outline for a plan to implement

3. details about the Colorado Open 2020

4. other Board issues

Do members want anything else added for discussion?


Informant - April 2020

The April edition of the Colorado Informant is up!

In This Issue:

  • President's Notes
  • Senior - Memorial Championship
  • Women's Wine and Chess Club
  • Tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
  • Memories of 1980 & More
  • Sicilian Defense 2. b3...
  • Example of Sicillian B20...
  • 2020 Colorado Springs Open
  • The Chess Detective

and more!

Download the April Edition

Special Announcement April 9, 2020

Brad Lundstrom has accepted the vacant VP position on our Board. He brings a wealth of experience with Colorado Chess and his top level management skills. We are proud to have him serving Colorado Chess! He will help on a number of projects with the primary focus on Newspaper and TV coverage. 
Brad, Thank you for joining our team! 



Minutes from the March 31, 2020 Board meeting

CSCA Board meeting                                                                                                               March 31, 2020

Meeting called to order after a time of sharing how everyone was handling the stay at home directives.

Present: Paul, Ann, Lior, Gracie, & Dean. Absent: Griffin

Kevin resigned to focus on supporting his family during this uncertain time. He will be missed. He was a driving force behind many of the accomplishment this last two years. We wish him the best and the entire board supported the family first concept.


Minutes from last meeting were approved. So those will be posted shortly.

Financials: In very good shape. Scholarship: $838.19 with $300 plus reserved for a free Memorial tournament for scholastic children in Colorado Springs; Scholastic: $20,013.99 with $3,200 committed to supporting our representatives to the Denker, Barber, Rockefelller & Haring Tournaments of Champions; and Main: $14,959.96.

Chess sets: (update--order completed and shipped) We are ordering (if they are still available) Tournament Sets (pieces and boards) not used when the National Elementary event was canceled. 80 sets (40 to Scholastic, 20 to our Title 1 program, and 20 for CSCA reserve) will be allocated as indicated.

Board authorized seeking an on-line and credit card at tournaments system to receive payments both on-line and at tournaments.

Board authorized Paul and Dean to put together the details for the Colorado Open 2020. We are investigating the idea of inviting three GM/IMs to the Open. We hope to have a festival like event for the Open this year with several activities being considered.

This was our first board meeting using Zoom. Lior used his company’s Zoom account, Thank you Lior!

Meeting adjourned.

Board meeting was held on Tuesday, March 31, 2020 at 6:30 pm

Good meeting. Minutes will be posted as soon as approved by the Board.

I trust everyone is doing well and staying safe.



Upcoming Board Meeting

A board meeting is being planned, we are working on a date. It will be via Zoom, the link will be published here and on facebook.

So far the agenda includes:
Chess Sets: The unused chess sets from several events which were canceled are being offered at $5 per set. Ann has suggested that we purchase 20 sets from the Templeton fund. Lior has also expressed that this would be a good time to order extra sets for Scholastic events. We had to bring in some personal sets at the championships this year. I believe it would be good if we had extra sets on hand for future growth.

Chess Leagues in Colorado: Revisiting rebuilding the Denver Chess League under the Non-Profit charter. 
I have been working with Mike Klein, ChessKids, about conducting a program for schools which would allow the schools to compete against other schools. This is in the concept stage right now, but based on Mike's emails and discussion with Lior, it is possible.

Secondly, I want to finalize plans for the CO-2020.... Hoping that we get to conduct it this year. I need to get the announcement to US Chess before April 10th.

Any other items to add?

CSCA members may contact me (Paul Covington, 719-310-7542) to have items added for discussion.

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